The 2015 CT High Schools kick off their interscholastic MTB series with the Hop Brook Dam MTB Race in early April. A race in Farmington's scenic Winding Trails is next in late April. In early May, Race the Wrock takes place in Hamden at the base of East Rock State Park. The CCAP series wraps up with the Winstead Woods Bikers Edge race in late May. Stay tuned for more details!

From the top of Mt. Tam to the daily commute, at Tate Labs we improve your ride by making every element better. One product at a time.

Pedro’s is committed to keeping your bicycle running right by offering innovative, unique, and high quality cleaners, lubricants, tools, and accessories that are safe for you, your family, and the environment, so you enjoy today’s ride…and tomorrow’s.

Pat’s Peak is not only the most accessible ski mountain, but also host to stop number 8 in the series. This year round mountain offers everything from biking and skiing, to banquets and an giant Octoberfest party.

Hold Fast Coaching utilizes experience and knowledge in developing individualized coaching for all types of cyclists. Pete’s vast racing experience has been paramount in understanding the demands of different events. It is this understanding that has contributed to successful customized training. No athlete or event is the same; therefore, every plan is personalized.

ESI is located in Southern California and prides itself on it's products being made right here in the USA. Established in 1999, ESI has spent over a decade providing superior products for the bicycle industry. Through new product development, ESI offers unique, high tech, quality products.

Createx Colors creates ultra-high performance, multi-surface airbrush paint suitable for any substrate from fabric to automotive applications. Their Wicked Colors paints are perfect for everything from t-shirts and illustration to automotive graphics.

At Maple they don’t compromise or sacrifice nor do they believe in separate wheels for racing and training. They build wheels for every day. With Maple, you’ll have the confidence knowing that no matter what you put them through, they’ll stand up to the task, race day or every day.

Naturally Fast is a sports nutrition company started by two lifelong avid cyclists who wish to bring their race-proven drink mix formula to athletes everywhere.  Naturally Fast’s High Performance Electrolyte Drink mix provides the calories endurance athletes need while supplying the salts needed to replace what is lost during sweat. 

Ridebiker Alliance is building a massive alliance of like-minded cyclists so we can influence and change the sport and industry that we love. Join Ridebiker Alliance to be part of a national cycling organization, network with other likeminded people, associate with pro riders and get great special offers on discounted products.